Kristeena Saville - Fine Artist in Daylesford, Australia

“The qualifying factor of being an artist, I believe, is beyond the ability to draw, paint and sculpt. Art helps people to see things differently or even confront their demons. This is a proven healing tactic, when we are moved out of our thinking rut, ‘the magic’ can begin.”

I am a fine artist based in Daylesford, Victoria, a place where the visual aesthetics and geography of the area appeal to my artistic senses. The community has an environmental consciousness and this was part of my initial attraction when I chose to live and raise my child here.

My past bohemian St. Kilda experience and the skills that I gained in various commercial art industries, have now, more recently been coupled with a fine arts degree, meaning that I submit a style evolved from both. Instead of selling a product, I am selling a concept of understanding and healing as it represents the subtle undertones of our existence. The maintaining of sincerity in one’s work has always been paramount for me.

My latest project, ‘Love of Portraiture’, manifested from a life long intrigue with human form and psychology. The sitters are selected by their support and/or involvement in the Arts and have come into my studio, opened their hearts and coined one word that encompasses what Love is... from their perspective. With this insight, these paintings express much more than the image or likeness of the subject.

By investigating interactions between people, the intimate aspects of relationships and representing them symbolically, I have formulated a core belief: opposites seek balance through dynamic interplay, which is a measure of life and that the truth is always consistent.

Recent Qualifications

BA Fine Art, majoring in Ceramics, at Ballarat University

Clients that have sought my art services include:

Bangkok Brasserie (Logo & Murals)
Victorian Fisheries (Facepainting)
St. Micheals Primary School (Posters, Screenprinting, Facepainting) Volunteer
Dooleys Hepburn Hotel (Mural)
Hepburn Mini Golf (Murals)
Received a High Commendation for my Landscape of Wombat Hill (2009) at the Swiss Italian Landscape Art Prize.
Hepburn Swiss Italian Festa Committee (Banners & Poster)
Hepburn Kinder (Graphics & Displays) Volunteer
Sugar Shack Surfwear (Screenprinting Designs)
Pantechnicon Gallery (Ceramic Masks)
Siren Music (Iconography)
Treble Clef Events (Logo)
KC entertainment (Logo)
Sth. Melb. Market Organic Vegies (Mural & Promotional material)
Di Caprios Restaurants (Murals)
Lazars (Mural)
Leo's Restaurant (Promotional material)
Copyright Design (Designs and Illustrations)

1987 - 1994
ART SMART Pty. Ltd Owner and Senior Designer
This company worked mainly in the marketing field, designing promotional material including T Shirts, Posters, Brochures, Banners and Business Cards.
Arid Zone Promotions
Brolga Promotions
Cadbury Schweppes
Sugar Shack Night Club
Melbourne Rock Posters
Monash University
Piping Hot
Citizens Advocacy
Jag Fashion

Prior to 1987
Equative Publishing Company/ Art Dept. Manager
Mushroom Records/ Art Dept. Designer
Royale Press/ Art Dept. Designer

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